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Spelt is a non-hybrid grain that has been widely used in Europe since 500BCE and harvested as early as 5000BCE.

Spelt is highly nutritious and its proteins are easier to digest than those found in wheat. Not only is spelt low in gluten, it contains special carbohydrates which are an important factor in necessary blood clotting and in stimulating the body’s immune system. Spelt is also a superb fibre source and has significant amounts of B-complex vitamins. Its protein content is 10% – 25% higher than common varieties of commercial wheat.



We are pleased to offer award winning gluten-free bases as an alternative for any pizza selection on our menu. 

Our gluten-free bases are carefully baked for excellent taste and texture. Our fresh produce toppings are carefully cooked in-house and where available, smallgoods are sourced from companies who use gluten-free ingredients.



We use 100% organic spelt flour for our pizza bases which are prepared on-premise daily.

In spite of global grain shortages and the high cost of limited spelt crops, we are dedicated to sourcing and providing fantastic spelt products at competitive prices. Simply put, the benefits of spelt are worth it! By freshly preparing our own pizza bases in-house, sourcing fresh, quality produce, our Farro team create a healthier pizza of excellent taste and quality.